Driver presentation: Pascal

Name: Pascal Stix

Birth date: 09.05.1996

Hometown: Redlham, Austria

Location: Linz, Austria

I started playing racing Games like Grand Prix 3 at the age of about 6 years. I never stopped playing racing games and over the years I did mostly single player races in Forza Motorsport, F1 games, Dirt Rally with a simpleThrustmaster wheel without ffb.

However, my simracing career kicked off when I discovered iRacing in 2013. I got myself a wheel with ffb (Fanatec CSR) and drove mostly in the oval rookie Street Stock Series. I managed to win this championship in 2013 (S4C) and moved up the class to the Indycar oval series. Unfortunately, I had to stop racing in iRacing in 2014 because it became too time consuming and expensive since I was a student at that time. However, I did not quit racing completely. I practiced in singleplayer races in simulations like Assetto Corsa, Raceroom Racing Experiance or Rfactor 2.

In May 2017 I had the chance to drive a Formula Renault 2.0 car at the Red Bull Ring and because of that experience I decided to get back into competitive simracing with iRacing. In October 2017 I was participating in the iRacing Porsche Cup. At that time I decided to join BerlinSimSport. This was the moment when I wanted to put my racing to another level. I got myself an Oculus Rift and a Direct Drive Wheel. With BerlinSimSport I ran in the Dgfx series, together with my teammate Sven Neumann. We became successful and we able to win the final race at Le Mans and finished the season 4th in our class.

Since the Porsche cup car dropped out of several endurance leagues, me and Sven decided to look for a new car. We tested the HPD prototype and loved it immediately. With BerlinSimSport we participated in the Sportscaropen series. Even though we joined the series late, we were able to score some points and gain more experience. With AVA SimSport I want to keep on improving my skills in the prototypes. I have not decided yet if I stick to the HPD or drive with the new LMP1 cars. Either way, my aim is to keep on racing and competing with the very best.