Driver presentation: Mads

Name: Mads Gravsen

Birth date: 21.12.1998

Hometown: Slagelse, Denmark

Location: Slagelse, Denmark

Even from a very young age there was only one thing on Mads’ mind, and that was racing. In the beginning it was easy going with the early need for speed games and alike. But when he was asked what sport he wanted to do, he always said racing.
At the age of 10 he went rental karting for the first time. He was immediately hooked and competed in a rental karting club for the following 4 years. Along the way he became both runner up and champion.

After that he moved to 125cc racing karts, and at only the age of 14 in his sophomore (second) year of running, he won the Danish X30 championship!
With this huge success, he looked for a new competition and tried the Formula Ford. A test was organized at Padborg Park. Unfortunately sim racing is more forgiving than the real deal, and having never driven a vehicle with a gearbox or suspension, plus the fact that the track was wet, the test did not go well. The pace was good, but the car was quite difficult. After calculating all the cost Mads decided to keep on karting.

But instead of giving up his hopes on a Formula Drive, he started sim racing. Getting into iRacing with a Logitech G27 and a lot to learn, it became a slow burn in the official series races. Mads then was invited to a small team called Crown Racing wich ran in the VLN. The team had immediate success but couldn’t stand the test of time.

Meanwhile, Mads’ karting season went terrible. 2015 was a year to forget. Since he had moved up to more powerful category, he had to get used to the handle of the new front brakes and most importantly to the change of chassis manufacturer. All of that led to a very difficult season with underwhelming results.

2016 became the turnover. Mads was able get podiums at nearly all the races of the season. He finished 2nd place in the championship, which resulted in an invitation to the world finals at Le Mans. The event went well since he finished in the top half of all competitors. Even with terrible luck and far too many retirements, which was only a testimony to the pace he had on an unknown circuit.

2017 was another year to forget. The team ran into issues with the engine supplier, making it difficult to compete in events which led to a mismatched year with different engines and series and some equally mismatched results. However in his Simracing (iRacing) career things went better. He joined the team of BerlinSimSport which allowed him to compete in the Sportscaropen championship. Being in such a strong competition he started to practice as hard as he would in real life and soon he managed to get good results. Just before the final race in the Sportscaropen he was invited to AVA Simsport.

Meanwhile his real racing career also got a boost. In the last stage of 2017 he was invited to a race in a historic Formula Ford on the famous Silverstone Circuit. First time ever being in such a car and with only 2 days of practice, Mads was able to start the race in the front row. The first race on Saturday was a tough one because it was raining and it was mixed grid of historic Formula 3’s.
The second race on sunday was a Formula Ford Race. Even though he had to start from the last position, 34th he clawed and managed to be on P13 within only 15 minutes.

That performance was so impressive that he got invited to drive in the historic Formula 3 for the full 2018 season in the European championship.

Mads Gravsen:

The last 2 years were full of ups and downs. However, this year I am really looking forward to gain titles with AVA Simsport on iRacing and in the historic Formula 3 championship.