Driver presentation: Joonas

Name: Joonas Vastamäki

Birth date: 05.07.1993

Hometown: Vantaa, Finland

Location: Helsinki, Finland

Joonas has always been a very competitive person loving the thrill of competing in just about anything. In 2015 his sports “career” in floorball was coming to an end and he lacked a serious competition to take part in. By chance he stumbled upon videos of F1 2015 (Codemasters) league races, which reminded him of watching the likes of Häkkinen and Räikkönen race every Sunday. Immediately he knew he wanted to try racing games and see how good he would be.

After racing Codemasters F1 games in couple of online leagues Joonas found out that there was a Finnish Simracing Association (FISRA) that run national championship for Finns in iRacing. After watching the LAN finals live at Helsinki expo and convention centre in August of 2016 he knew he had to take the next step. Late 2016 was spent racing mainly in lower level cars, while simultaneously still racing in F1 2016.

At the start of 2017 Joonas and some of his friends from the Codemasters F1 leagues decided to do 24 hours of Daytona in iRacing. After the race he immediately knew that team racing was something that he had missed since quitting floorball. He started to only focus on iRacing, competing in leagues like the Nordic Challenge (Porsche 911), AOR’s FR 2.0 championship and eSM 2017 (Porsche 911). While doing all these leagues he did the 2017 special events with his friends.

In September Joonas spotted Antti Terho looking for a teammate for the upcoming Trellet GT series season. This team was known as Scuderia Lento. It was meant to be a team just for fun, but when Antti didn’t find a teammate for the first season of Sports Car Open he asked Joonas to join him in Scuderia Lento.

Late 2017 was full of action for Joonas, since now he was simultaneously racing in AOR’s FR 2.0 league, AOR FCCAF, Trellet GT Series, Sports Car Open and World Cup of iRacing. Lots of driving in different set of cars meant that Joonas improved as a driver faster than ever before, and with the help of Antti he was able to push the Ferrari GTE to great results in SCO. After a slow start to the season both of them found pace and Scuderia Lento managed to score back-to-back podiums at the end of the season. Due to Antti showing such a great pace both in SCO and Trellet GT Series meant that he was recruited to Glacier Racing and Scuderia Lento recruited Ilkka Kattilakoski to help them when Antti had BES Pro qualifier races overlapping SCO.

At AVA Simsports Joonas hopes to keep improving and to participate in more endurance racing leagues while doing the iRacing special events. He is happy that his teammate, Ilkka from Scuderia Lento has followed him to AVA Simsport. Together with his teammates, Joonas is looking forward to making AVA Simsport one of the top teams in endurance racing.